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We;come to my little home on the web. Everyone has a point of view and & these are some of mine.  I will be Posting a little bit of Everything From my Viewpoints on Things Important to me to Sharing & Reviewing Products Gizmos Gadgets' & My Favorite Must Haves, Along With Deals, Freebies & Tip There's A Little Bit For Everyone Here. With My Side Kick Miss Lilly Pupp We Welcome You!


My Favorite Fall Must Have is the Teika .
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1500ML 1.5L LED Ultrasonic Aroma Diffuser Humidifier Aromatherapy Air Purifier Mist with 7 Auto Colors Changings and Mist Adjustment Mode. I was skeptical due to it's large size how good it would perferm but I am happy to report that not only does if fill up the room nicely but it actually does last between 8 & 10 hours. I haven't let it run completely out yet in the few days I've been using it. I went to bed last night & it was still humming right along this morning. I definitely recommend this product. The seller got it to me the very next day which was fantastic. I have migraines & sinus issues which it helps ease. The lighting is very soothing, not too bright and makes a great nightlight (especially for a childs room) but the lights can be turned off if you pefer. Essential Oils is a great alternative to medications, has so many health benefits & smells great! It's Amazing how quickly it removes all the stress from the day. With Cold season upon us it's the perfect time to get one for yourself or it makes a great gift. With healing oil blends it'll keep your noses unstuffy , head unclogged & it actually works as a preventative. Even if your a beginner at using Essential Oils it's super easy & fun finding the perfect smells for you. Perfect also for yoga & meditation or If you just want it to keep your room smelling great with your favorite scents this is a great product! You can get yours here 

Cozy Pony Smart Dual USB Car Charger

I needed another car charger for our second vehicle & this one works great! It came nicely packaged & very fast delivery. I'm always forgetting to charge my phone fully or it is dying by my constant use. So this is great, it Plugs in to my cigarette lighter, has 2 USB ports so keeping 2 phones both charged is simple as well as my tablet & other USB charged products. It's very nice looking too. Sleek Not cheap looking at all & sturdy. The CozyPony 2-port Smart Car Charger With Qualcomm Quick Charge 2.0 is Great & you can get yours here
I received this product in exchange for my honest unbiased Review. Regardless I only Review Products I actually use.
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The GEMENUS Egg Cracker
This is one of those kitchen gadgets you don't know how much you needed it til you have it! It's Amazing! It works on both raw & hardboiled eggs. It takes away all the mess of cracking eggs for cooking & baking. No more picking pieces of shells out or wasting eggs. It also makes removing the shell from a hard boiled egg so easy with zero mess. It's so simple to use that even kids can use it. It's very elegant & made of high quality stainless steel. To use You just place the dome over your egg then as you hold the egg you just pull up the weighted ball release it one or two times & just like that it evenly cracks the top part of the shell off. I really like that right on the box it comes in it shows in pictures as well as text the directions. So great for Anyone to quickly figure out how to use it. No more trying to read tiny directions on a piece of paper that will just be lost. On the box it also shows you that from the shells you can make cool art projects which makes cooking easy & fun for kids without a giant mess. Will also make a great gift! Get yours here 
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I received this product in exchange for my honest unbiased review. I only Review Products I actually use!